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You’ll need to head to the Alexa app to set up and customize the feature. The select the Conversations portion of the app which is the middle option on the bottom black bar in the app. It looks like a speech bubble.

There are a few different ways to search and enable skills for your Echo Show. Along with being able to check out all the available options on the Amazon Skills Portal, probably the easiest and most convenient route is using the companion app.

You can also connect the Echo Show to another speaker for audio output using Bluetooth. To do that, just say “Alexa, go to Settings” or find the settings option by swiping down on the screen.

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Audio quality is well suited to video, too. The screen’s also sharp and bright enough to watch on-line video, although I have to say that it’s a bit too small to enjoy all content, and I wouldn’t fancy watching a film or TV show on it.

If you’re not in a situation where you can listen to the message aloud, the Alexa app will automatically transcribe the spoken word to text. The feature isn’t perfect and may miss a word here or there, but you’ll definitely get the gist of the message.

Another pro tip here is to keep an eye out for available bundles. Whether you're buying more than one Echo Dot at once or pairing it with something like the Amazon Smart Plug or Fire TV, you can usually find some sort of promo to save you a bit of coin.

If you still haven’t tried Alexa with a display or screen, it’s an experience that keeps getting better. The Echo Show oito’s 8-inch diagonal display performs just fine. It’s not a alexa echo show 5 Super AMOLED and doesn’t offer the most vibrant experience, but for a smart display, it works just fine. Plus, it’s responsive to multitouch. Unlike the Echo Show 5 which features the custom clock backgrounds, you can pick from visuals on Show 8 and even connect an Amazon Photo library to use it as a digital photo frame.

The newest member of the Echo family features a 5.5-inch screen and a camera. For privacy, slide the built-in camera cover over the lens and press a button to turn off both the camera and microphone.

On a final note, the Show 2 has a number of additional buying options compared to the original Show. You can choose to purchase it with other smart home gadgets like a Ring Video Doorbell Pro or a free smart bulb, which may be good bundling options if you want to expand your smart home into other areas.

That may sound a bit silly, but in reality, it results in the Echo Dot with Clock being one of the most appealing speakers in the Echo lineup.

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